ABOUT DINP UK – Dental Implants National Programme

What is the Dental Implants National Programme?

DINP UK is an expert service in Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.
Our main focus is to contribute towards the improvement of Oral Health in the UK. To this end, our medical team of Implantology experts do everything in their power to accomplish this transformation through affordable advanced oral rehabilitation treatments and techniques.
DINP UK was created as a response to a gap in the market. Our research revealed that there was a significant number of people with chewing and speaking problems, who avoided smiling due to tooth loss and did not know where to go for treatment.
Since its foundation, DINP has helped more than 40.000 people get back to carefree smiling. All of them sought out our service for our renowed practice and top performance in Advanced Oral Rehabilitation.
More smiles in the UK thanks to
DINP UK – Dental Implants National Programme


We can help you to get your smile back!

Through personalised solutions, in DINP UK – Dental Implants National Programme we are committed to always do the best for our patients' smiles.
ATOR® – Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation
The Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation concept, also known as ATOR®, is a surgical treatment for patients who no longer have teeth and who, due to missing teeth, have lost all tooth sensitivity.
It is a medical procedure that involves performing the least invasive surgery possible, which aims to restore the patient’s ability to chew and aesthetic features that have been lost over the years.

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